We use creativity and imagination to solve tomorrow’s problems


because we are realists who act straightforwardly without being impolite. We appreciate each one’s individuality. We know that it is crucial to discuss something no matter what the topic is because we listen to everyone.


because we know how important for your mindset minimalism could be. We appreciate the order and elegance in the simple forms and we like to approach things by their essence. Simplicity teaches you two basic things - logic and discipline.


since strategy and comprehension are key factors in our workflow. We tend to precise things not only because we have a sense of detail but we're responsible professionals as well. We take a broad view of any situation, and our intelligence saves us from being impulsive or hasty.


because we keep ourselves pushing to discover, adapt and evolve most naturally. Our desire for knowledge expands our horizons and opens new perspectives for us all the time. It also adjusts us for any possible changes and transformations that may occur at any given moment.

New Business
Send inquiries at:
Atanas Teodosiev
+49 152 57363647
Office — Sofia
7 Stefan Karadzha str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 88 6406891
Office — Berlin
Am Postbahnhof 23,
10243 Berlin, Germany

+49 152 57363647
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